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Yan Painless Concept
 Traditional Method


ISO Consultants Normally Work to their Own Systems & restrict clients Experience in ISO Program. Then you simply get the Certificate. How can you benefit from ISO Certification?

Surely the Best Consultant does the Most Listening and the Least Talking. Our ISO Implementation is Literally Painless as our Systems Reviews, System Designs & Format Development is done by the Systems Designers who Listens, Observe your Operations & then Designs the systems keeping in view of your Business Needs & then Tailoring ISO requirements into the Designed Information System. We provide consultancy services as indicated below.

Our Consultancy Services

ISO 9001-2000
ISO/EMS 14001
TS 16949
ISMS 27001
Six Sigma
AS 9100 B    

What is ISO?

ISO – International Organization based in UK (set on British Standards), which formulates and regulates various ISO standards like ISO 9001, ISO 14000, TS 16949 and others. More than 176 countries worldwide have accepted and adopted these standards.

In order to have a systematic functioning of the organization, various companies implement such standards and acquire certification & ensures continued implementation.

Benefits of ISO?

This certification helps the industries to simplify their operations, identify loopholes, adopt corrective measures, increase profitability and fetch more business.

we carry out ISO Programs in Two ways:

Traditional Method

Painless Method 


What is ISO?

Documentations, Procedures, Manual & ISO Certificate? By Developing these Documents has ISO Program Completed?

According to Yan:

                                                       ISO is SWDC2

                                                       S = Say
                                                       W = Write
                                                       D= Do
                                                       C= Check
                                                       C= Correct

Yan precipitates the philosophy of SWDC2 in the implementation program & is visible in the QA documentations. It is a Guiding Tool for an Information Systems. It is a Way to Collect the Requisite Information. It is a Method to Give a Definite Direction to Data. It is Tool to Monitor the Systems. It's a Yardstick & makes us to differentiate the Non-Conformance to Conformance.  . Yan Program Starts after Developing the Documents.

What does the Documentation Play Role in ISO?

Develop Document for the Sake of ISO & Remains with the QA Department?

According to Yan:

To us primary documents are QCP & Formats. Secondary are the QA Manual, Procedures & WI. We ourselves develop formats for you to plug the Loop Holes in the Systems thus the Requisite Data are brought to Light. We Focus & Spend More Time on Designing the Formats. We ourselves develop Formats.
Who takes Care of these Forms & What is its Role?

Anybody their?

According to Yan:

Every employee is the Father of these Forms. These forms lay the Basis of the Management Information Systems. Forms are the Documents where the Requisite Information is available. MR is the Person who should understand what the Form is.
What is Role of the MR?

Responsibility to Maintain the Companies Documentation, Make sure that he sustains the ISO Certificate?

According to Yan:

He is an Analyst. He is the Person who Deals with the Data. He is the Person to take Care of the Systems. Basically he is the Person to Promote & Give Feed Back the Analysis of CEO's Vision. It is all Employees Business to Sustain the ISO Certificate.
Internal Audits:

The Non-Conformance raised through internal audits are Simply Document in Nature & remains in the Document.

According to Yan:

Most of the Non-Conformances Affecting the business are Identified.
Surveillance Audits:

A Month Before all are Completely & Seriously Busy in the production of documents & records.

According to Yan:

Just Cool. As Usual activity.

What does Yan does After Getting the Assignment?

  • Study the company Environment.
  • The Co-operation Levels among staff/departments.
  • Understand Degree of Teamwork.
  • Study the level of Management Commitment.
  • Study the Capability & the Ability to Absorb the New Ideas & Methodologies among Staff.
  • Understand why the Client is going for ISO certification.
  • Does the Client know what ISO is?
  • Management's approach for dealing Non-Conformance.
  • Management's tolerance level to allow Experimentations.
  • What Management Expects from ISO Certification.

Then What Yan does?

With the Client Consent Yan Designs the Systems considering only the relevant ISO Clauses applicable to your a) systems- processes, b) Business needs c) Vision. Then are tailored to the Existing Practiced Systems: resultant of this activity is your Companies Information Systems. Simultaneously the Observed Loop Holes in the System are plugged by Virtue of our Experience, the Knowledge from Wide Spectrum Business Management Thesis. At this stage the document are drafted. The Implementation begins once the Draft Documents are approved. The Training & Implementation goes hand in hand. Once the Company comes up to the certification standards, the companies are then approved to face the Certification audits.

Companies receive their certificate after the Certification Body recommends for certification.

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