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We achieve Painless ISO certification & maintenance because along with the day-to-day data entry, ISO is by default taken care off. The Manreqa™ an ISO ERP, achieves ISO certification, maintenance ISO & Computerizes Business all these three happens in one go.

Manreqa™ an ISO ERP computerizes departments that are Administration Control, Marketing, Contract / Order Receipts, Purchasing, Stores, Inventory, Production, Process Control, Raw Material & Product Inspections, Quality Assurance, Machine Maintenance, Sales Systems, Masters, Non Conformance Systems, Exhaustive Reports, Tracing & Retracing etc.

The implementation of Software & attaining ISO is just a cool activity because training on ISO, data flow & its entry goes both hand in hand, which simplifies both ERP & ISO implementation & hence we save time, money & more importantly the ISO knowledge is free because it is  gained while entering & reading the Data’s. Our trainers are ISO consultants & ISO ERP trained professionals.

The Manreqa™ an ISO ERP is Designed, Developed, & Tested by us ( to know about us click here) . The Manreqa™ an ISO ERP comes in a standard products meant for specific business systems with various categories of each product.

The ISO ERP is available in Tiny, SSI, MSI, LSI categories.

Manreqa™ an ISO ERP are used in any engineering Industries. Below are the lists which are already implemented.

1)    Machining Industry.   
2)    Pressing Industry.
3)    Precision Tooling Industry.
4)    Fabrication.
5)    Automats.
6)    Rubber Components.
7)    Corrugation Packing/Offset Printing
8)    Polymer/Plastic Industry.
9)    Products Manufacturing Industry.
10)   Job Work Industry.
11)   Stationeries Industry.
12)   Mechanical Assembly Industry.
13)   Electronic Assembly.
14)   Ceramic Industry.
15)   Forging And Casting Industry.
16)   Heat Treatment Industry.
17)   General.
18)   Any Engineering Industry.

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